Save PDF Web Receipts Folder – Change Default – 10.5

This hint provides information on modifying the OS X “Save PDF Web Receipts Folder” work-flow that’s attached to the print dialog, but it is for 10.4 only.

I never like having a “Web Receipts” folder at the top of my “~/Documents”, I’d prefer they we kept in a sub-folder, e.g. (“~/Documents/Personal/Web \Receipts/”). Well, the above hint was about something different that doesn’t happen in 10.5 but the comment by “Mechcozmo” provided the necessary clue.

If you want change the default location for storing “Web Receipts”, open the file “tools” in this location:
/Library/PDF Services/Save PDF to Web Receipts Folder.pdfworkflow/Contents and change the line 25 from:

destDirectory = os.path.expanduser("~/Documents/Web Receipts/")

to whatever you prefer i.e.:

destDirectory = os.path.expanduser("~/Documents/Personal/Web Receipts/")


7 thoughts on “Save PDF Web Receipts Folder – Change Default – 10.5

  1. Good to here its of use. I’m embarrassed that link to the original source of this article got lost and isn’t included in the post. I looked around a bit or it but couldn’t find the URL. If anyone finds it please let me know, I’ll update the orig. post

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  3. Thanks for this hint. I couldn’t quite figure out where this workflow was stored, and I wanted to change it a bit, so thanks!

    In addition to changing the save directory, I also copied the whole workflow bundle to “~/Library/PDF Services” and changed some info in Info.plist: changed CFBundleIdentifier to something unique and CFBundleName to something unique as well. I also changed the string in the Resources/English.lproj/InfoPlist.strings file to match my CFBundleName, and got rid of the other localization files.

    Now I have a completely separate menu item, with the original one from Apple still intact, should I need it for some reason.

    Now I’m off to see if I can put down some python that’ll append the date to my pdf receipt filenames….

  4. Wherever you found it, thank you for re-sharing. I believe quite passionately that these web receipts belong in my ‘Crap I should probably sort through eventually’ folder, otherwise known as ‘Downloads’. The default placement was truly annoying.

  5. Better still, rather than edit an Apple-supplied script, create a symlink to the folder it uses.

    # adding a folder deep in my dropbox hierarchy…
    mkdir ~/Dropbox/Personal/Finance/Web\ Receipts
    ln -s ~/Dropbox/Personal/Finance/Web\ Receipts ~/Documents/Web\ Receipts

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