Books for the queue

The Economist has a review of C.K. Prahalad and M.S. Krishnan’s new book, “The New Age of Innovation” [wc] [site] as well as Charles Leadbeater’s “We-Think” [site]. C. K. Prahalad has written for SMR in the past, (his 2003 article “The New Frontier of Experience Innovation” is featured in this edition of the Wall St. Journal, Business Insight Special Report—available as a free download until September 22, 2008),

“We-Think” should make a nice follow up to my recent reading of “Everything is Miscellaneous“, and “The Wisdom of Crowds“.

I know, I know the Surowiecki book is 4 years old and I should have read it sooner! Reading it now though, I see direct correlations to Dan Arielly’s recent work in “Predictably Irrational“. Not sure I would have made the connection had I read Surowiecki 4 years ago; maybe its OK to mix things up once in a while

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