Book links

Book linking policy

I do link to an Amazon affiliate store.

If you purchase a book through that link, Amazon throws me a few coins

I’m open to the idea of making money but I want to give you choices if you don’t like that idea. This is how book links work on this site

  • If it is a book that I’ve read and recommend, the main title entry will is linked to a the book’s page in an Amazon affiliate store that I have set up.
  • If the title appears in the WorldCat database, I link to it after the title with a [wc] link.
  • If the book has a dedicated web site for further discussion or community building I link to it with: [site]
  • If the book does not appear in WorldCat and there’s no dedicated book site, I’ll link to the author’s blog, homepage, etc.
  • If I can’t find any good secondary link, to complement the link to my Amazon store I link to a Google search on the title

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