One day they will say: “remember back in the begining?”

Sometime you don’t want to check your blog stats.

Sitting on the back porch with Laura.

Suggesting FeedBurner to her.

Touting the tracking, statistics and features.

I pull up the stats for tmrs, excited because I picked up a new subscription to the RSS feed.

A bit about expectation leveling here.
I started this blog about a year and a half ago, but just started posting regularly to it recently. Yesterday I had two subscribers to the feed., today when I pulled up the stats for Laura, I said “Hey look! I picked up another subscriber!”.

A 33% increase in subscriptions is normally a remarkable event. But then. Reality sets in. I know my boss subscribes to my feed, Laura does too. Who’s the third basemen? —Turns out…me *sigh*.

You can learn a lot about playing chess from reading books, you can even prepare a decent meal given a recipe, but if you have never swum before, than reading about swimming will either a) provide a valuable lesson about drowning or b) teach you a thing or two about past participles.

Here’s to jumping in! And everyone who’s thought about: “wig, wag, wug, wugged.”

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