What can I bring to PodCamp 3 Boston?

This will be my first venture into the (un)conference-type spaces. I have attended and participated in many traditional conferences over the past 10+ years but by traditional, I mean the conference fee is > $1,000 and the location is more than likely an expensive hotel in another city.

My past conference experiences have never resonated. I abhor the “conference floor” / “vendor expo”. I don’t need another tote bag (Don’t they know that most people have to fly there? TED gets it right by mailing the schwag to your home after the even).

I registered. Signed-up.

I committed to this a week ago—Committed.

What can I bring?

  • My undivided attention. This is my/our weekend after all, I don’t get Monday and Tuesday off from work in exchange. This is something I care about, so why not let the tweets, IMs, mo-blogging, and other chatter be someone elses responsibility? We are all going to be there together. If it takes a day or two to organize my thoughts and write them down, is that a real problem—I’m not the AP wire service.
  • Curiosity and interest tempered with undeniable shyness. I’m not good at these things so hopefully you’ll be helpful. I won’t naturally run up to you and ask you questions about why your here, I want to know but its not my nature. More often than not, I’m considering how to apply what I’m taking into to my own challenges. There’s a voice here, and an ear; try me.
  • Experience, examples, connections and a willingness to learn and share. In the past decade or so you’ve done a lot of interesting things, I’ve learned a thing or two. Let’s fast-forward and figure out where we can help each other.

Plus, I know a lot about the area and can give you a reliable dinner recommendation.

What are you bringing?

Updated: Jeff Pulver has a great post about “Getting More out of Podcamp Boston 3“.


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