Consider the default case

When websites evolve and acquire new features it is important to handle “default cases” well. When I registered for the site in this image, the site’s designers had implemented a very basic personal profile, screen name, email and password; later they added additional details such as “Full Name”.

As an early registrant in the system, my account had no “Full Name” associated with it so the “My Account“ interface needs accommodate for a default case of a “user of the system who doesn’t have a full name”. How’d they do? Every been greeted in real-life like this: “Hi None”.

Possible Improvements:

  • In the opening paragraph, change “Hi None” to “Welcome back”.
  • Under account information, if the user doesn’t have a full name in the system, don’t display “None | Change my name” (‘my’ name is not ‘None’). Instead, just provide an “Add you name”.

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