Quick tip: keyboard shortcuts in FireFox

Would you like to have a keyboard shortcut that lead you directly to your company’s Basecamp dashboard, ESP, or your Bank’s login page? You can, its easy and it will save the lives of thousands of kittens a year.
This feature has been in FF for a while but it is kind of buried in the interface,  here’s how you do it.

Creating shortcuts for urls

  1. Bookmark a site
  2. Open the bookmark organizer and find then select the bookmark you created. Locate the “More” UI control (its in the bottom left of the right hand pane)
  3. Enter your “keyword” (this will be the shortcut that brings you to the bookmarked URL).
  4. Goto a FireFox window, CMD-L puts the focus in the location bar area. Type your keyword, hit enter. And, you’re there.

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