What can I bring to PodCamp 3 Boston?

This will be my first venture into the (un)conference-type spaces. I have attended and participated in many traditional conferences over the past 10+ years but by traditional, I mean the conference fee is > $1,000 and the location is more than likely an expensive hotel in another city.

My past conference experiences have never resonated. I abhor the “conference floor” / “vendor expo”. I don’t need another tote bag (Don’t they know that most people have to fly there? TED gets it right by mailing the schwag to your home after the even).

I registered. Signed-up.

I committed to this a week ago—Committed. Continue reading

Focus on writing

When a simple 10 minute exercise in thinking and writing up a few ideas turns into a two week delay in action, maybe the environment precludes the generation of the message. Can simple applications like WriteRoom make you more productive? You don’t need to write the next, great novel to appreciate the powerful, liberating experience of letting go and focusing on the task at hand.

What if writing weren’t so often like this:

but instead were more like this:

Are there similar text editors like WriteRoom for Windows?


One day they will say: “remember back in the begining?”

Sometime you don’t want to check your blog stats.

Sitting on the back porch with Laura.

Suggesting FeedBurner to her.

Touting the tracking, statistics and features.

I pull up the stats for tmrs, excited because I picked up a new subscription to the RSS feed.

A bit about expectation leveling here.
I started this blog about a year and a half ago, but just started posting regularly to it recently. Yesterday I had two subscribers to the feed., today when I pulled up the stats for Laura, I said “Hey look! I picked up another subscriber!”.

A 33% increase in subscriptions is normally a remarkable event. But then. Reality sets in. I know my boss subscribes to my feed, Laura does too. Who’s the third basemen? —Turns out…me *sigh*.

You can learn a lot about playing chess from reading books, you can even prepare a decent meal given a recipe, but if you have never swum before, than reading about swimming will either a) provide a valuable lesson about drowning or b) teach you a thing or two about past participles.

Here’s to jumping in! And everyone who’s thought about: “wig, wag, wug, wugged.”

PodCamp Boston 3 — See you there!

Just signed up for next weekend’s PodCamp 3 Boston, as a first time attendee I’m wondering what it will be like. I’ve been to twenty or so conferences over the years (most recently the Search Engine Strategies conference in Chicago) but never one that didn’t also come with a day off of work.

Let me know: Have you been? Are you going? What’s it like?

I’ll be looking over the PodCamp event schedule, doing some research on the presenters and blogging my initial plans this week, what should I do / see? Where’s the real action and value in a conference like this? Are the the after hours events good?

Tequila Rain is a place more often associated with the phrase “Show us your ****!” than a gathering of new media folks so that should be an interesting place to plop 300+ twittering, geo-tagging, iPhone toting bloggers.


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