Top 9 Records of 2004

  1. “Van Lear Rose”, Loretta Lynn
  2. “A Ghost is Born”, Wilco
  3. “The Revolution Starts Now”, Steve Earle
  4. “Contraband”, Velvet Revolver
  5. “Hot Fuss”, The Killers
  6. “The Delivery Man”, Elvis Costello
  7. “Good News for People Who Love Bad News”, Modest Mouse
  8. “College Dropout”, Kanye West
  9. “Los Lonely Boys”, Los Lonely Boys

Jimmy seemed to need some help remembering music that came out if 2004. Jimmy, here are my Top 9 records of 2004. Happy Birthday!

JAVA_HOME on Mac OS X 10.5

I normally don’t mess with Java so this is likely a trivial point, I could very well be stating the most obvious of obvious things.

The documentation for Amazon’s EC2 Web Service actually had a well written explanation, but who reads? Scanning the setup instructions I saw:

  • Java. — Check, I got that
  • Java JRE version 1.5 — Check? [smbrown@jrcash$] java -version
  • JAVA_HOME — Check? [smbrown@jrcash$] which java
  • FAIL

JAVA_HOME is /Library/Java/Home it is the location where the sub folders bin/java/

What is my “JAVA_HOME“? it is “the full path of the directory that contains a sub-directory named bin which in turn contains the java

To see your current JAVA_HOME:
[smbrown@jrcash$] echo $JAVA_HOME

To set a JAVA_HOME, insert this in your ~/.profile:
export JAVA_HOME;

What is a better way to confirm your real Java version JAVA_HOME on OS X?

[smbrown@jrcash$] $JAVA_HOME/bin/java -version

Thanks for taking a look you can go back to Twittering now. =)

Update (January 10, 2009): Amazon released their AWS Web Console, here’s an early tour. is not a substitute for communication

I recently received a nice, polite, relevant email from an account exec. who works for a Social Media company. No surprise there, a few weeks ago I went to a networking event this company was a sponsor. Nothing to weird right, they sponsored a great event, making it very affordable for a bunch of interesting people to get together and talk shop.

The Rub: I had already contacted this company through multiple channels, I have an account exec working with me; I’ve emailed, twittered, exchanged business cards and talked on the phone with them for 30 mins. I know I’m in their database.

A Reminder: Sucessfully engaging your customers requires more than technology. Social media, customer relationship management systems are not a substitute for effective, real communication.

Communicating effectively with customers isn’t easy—software doesn’t fix that.

One of the largest players in the social media platform space today showed me again that its not about the platform, its still about people.

Everytime you add this to your email, a kitten dies.

Please stop adding this to email signatures (especially in color!)

Please stop adding this to email signatures (especially in color!)

Seriously, everytime I see one of these I feel icky. I don’t know, maybe don’t use color in your email, and done include three months of quoted correspondence below your signature might be a better place to start. Oh wait, here’s an idea, don’t email back “Thanks!” every time, my brain is part of the environment and you are hurting it.

The State of the Word

WordPres Zeigtgesit

2.6M Blogs


v2.51, 2.6 – Secure release – 1.78M

v2.3 – (Not a secure release) about ~500k

PHP5 Adoption

2/3 of WP blogs are PHP5, when will WP stop supporting PHP4? (Stay with it until 10% or less are doing PHP4)

Plugins stats

145. OpenID

24. AdSense Manager

12. Hello Dolly!

10. cforms

9. wp-polls

8. WP Automatic upgrade

7. wp-cache

6. wp?

5. stats

4. nextgen-gallery

3. google sitemapgerator

2. all-in-one-seo

1. askimet