SF 2008 WordCamp Schedule

Dead trees version handed out at registration. Anyone have a wiki to dump this into?

San Francisco - 2008 - WordCamp
	User		—		Developer
9:30 SEO Mistakes Most Bloggers Make	—	DiSo, OAuth and more
10:00 Open Source Business Models	—	Even Faster Web Sites
10:50 Andy Skelton - A Musical Performance	—	N/A
11:00 LOLcats and the Secret of Virility	—	Secure Coding with WordPress
11:30 WordPRess & Microformats: Past, Present, Future	—	N/A
12:00 LUNCH
1:00 Switching to WordPRess Painlessly	—	Quercus PHP in Java
1:20 450 WordPress Power User Tips	—	Nginx for Fun and Profit
1:40 Hassle-free Upgrades	—	WordPress APIs - iPhone and Beyond!
2:00 Matt Mullenweg - State of the Word	—	N/A
3:00 Get Friendly with BuddyPress	—	Intro to Jquery
3:20 Democratizing the Web through Global Voices	—	Consulting, Getting PAid for your WP Skills
3:40 An Interview with Om Malik	—	Color Theory and the MAking of Monotone
4:00 Liz DAnzico and Jane Wells - Riding the Crazyhorse
5:00 A Musical Performance by Check Lewis aka the SEO Rapper
5:10 Kathy Sierra - Kicking Ass and Creating Passionate Users

Sorry its messy but I’m also trying to take notes on the presentations


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