WordCamp Links – Quick Notes

Twitter search, feed

What is a good blog editor like Mars Edit but for the PC?Cuzillion – performance testing

Firebug lite 1.2

HTTP Watch FireFox beta coming soon

Operator microformat observation

What if your readers could search you and everything you’ve created for answers they’d trust?

Brad Feld

Gigalogue – Next week… dev.gigaom.com Gigaomdaily

Buddypress Wordcamp slides


4 thoughts on “WordCamp Links – Quick Notes

  1. Useful links. I skipped blogging about the camp because I knew others will. Did you get to check out SF more now that you are planning to move there? Before you freak out, you mentioned it when we were waiting in line for lunch and then got lucky and moved to a shorted line….there was another Sean behind me…to jolt your memory! :)

  2. No worries. WordCamp was a quick trip, landed Friday afternoon, left Sunday afternoon, I did a lot of walking to-from wordcamp to check out neighborhoods etc. Many wordcamp links can be found by going to search.twitter.com and searching on “#wordcamp”

  3. Thanks for the link. Hopefully, now you’ll find the move to SF a little easier. I checked MIT web site….is that using WP platform? Didn’t look like it, though I could be very wrong.

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