From the desk of Buster Taint Palin

According to GreenProfitSolutions my personal carbon footprint is 6.2 metric tons. Anyone have links to a more comprehensive way of calculating this? As this MIT News office points out, the result obtained using the simple calculator above is below the actual carbon footprint floor that any American can realistically attain:

“But the ‘floor’ below which nobody in the U.S. can reach, no matter a person’s energy choices, turned out to be 8.5 tons, the class found. That was the emissions calculated for a homeless person who ate in soup kitchens and slept in homeless shelters.”


3 thoughts on “From the desk of Buster Taint Palin

  1. Thanks for posting on carbon calculators. Zerofootprint has a pretty comprehensive list of calculators at Their personal carbon manager, the first one on the list, would probably be your best bet.

    I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on their calculator. There are so many out there, it’s hard for people to navigate this area of the green market.

  2. As the owner of the page you used for calculating a carbon footprint, I’m interested to receive any new information you learn when it comes to more accurate and comprehensive “carbon calculators”. Unfortunately, for simplicity’s sake, the carbon calculator we offer is basic, but I had at least hoped it was reasonably accurate. I will also be in touch with it’s creator, Green Mountain Energy, to make sure we can offer the most informative product available.

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