Where the sidewalk ends

As I foreshadowed on Friday, here’s a New England Winter-in-the-city picture that you can count on. Boston, with days of warning, gives you–the pedestrain–a winter wonderland of challenges. Every street corner is impassible. Could be a 9″ deep puddle of almost-frozen slush or a three-foot high bank of holiday cheer.

Say what you want about Florida, but you don’t have to with this kind of crap there. (Though you might want to keep an eye out for those escalators!

How is this ADA-coompliant?

How is this ADA-coompliant?

3 thoughts on “Where the sidewalk ends

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  2. I and I forgot to mention, this is the corner of South St. and Jamaica Street, in Jamaica Plain, MA. South St. is the main business street in this section of Jamaica Plain. On the left is a public housing project, straight ahead is a church (St. Thomas Aquinas) and on the right is an assisted living facility.

    We’re not talking about some out-of-the way cul-de-sac, this is just how the City on the Hill treats pedestrians in the winter.

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