The walk to work

After the snow, rain and overnight freezing temperatures, this is what greets you in the morning.

I have a car, but I choose to take public transportation because I don’t want to me yet another solo-commuter in a car burning carbon left and right so I can listen to NPR and complain about traffic.

Days like these, Boston makes it tough.

It’s a 1/3 mile walk to the Forrest Hills T stop (subway, bus & commuter rail station). The whole way, sidewalks were completely frozen over (except that one huge slush-lake that required a blazing an overland portage route).

For the cars though, nice dry pavement. Now, don’t get me wrong I don’t want frozen roads crippling capitalism or anything, but when the roads are dry and sidewalks frozen, what do you get? –school children and old ladies walking down a busy street, in the traffic lanes, because they ate affraid of the sidewalks.

(posted, with typos, from iPhone)


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