Video of Shai Agassi Talking at MIT

MIT World: From IT to Cleantech: New Sources of Innovation

Shai Agassi presents an ambitious and dramatic plan to create a battery run car, a system of battery switching stations, and a subscription plan for drivers to buy miles the same way we buy cell phone minutes.

Agassi begins at 8 minutes in, talks ~1/2 hour and then Q&A is ~1 hour.

Wow, MIT World is at 620 full-length videos now. When I worked on that project I think it was < 300. The Idea Explorer is great fun too.


Need a new idea? They’ve got an “easy button” for that too.


Ray Anderson

“Good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them” —Paul Hawken The Ecology of Commerce

In the program guide for TED 2009, the above quotation accompanies the bio of Ray Anderson founder and CEO of Interface and a sustainable business pioneer. Can’t wait for the video to to be posted at

Here’s a short YouTube video where Anderson talks about how reading the book The Ecology of Commerce changed his life (and business).

Processing WordPress’ Post Content

If you find yourself directly manipulating a WordPress post (say outside of “The Loop” by using query_posts, e.g. query_posts(array('category__and' => array(1,3)));) you may need to do some extra work to get the pretty formatting that WP does for you in things like the_content() and the_excerpt().

Say you have a single post in a local variable $my_post, if you want to output the content of the post and use the filters that WP does for you when calling the_content within The Loop, you can call the filter functions directly:

<?php echo wpautop(wptexturize($framing_post->post_content)); ?>

References: How WordPress Processes Post Content, Function Reference/wptexturize, Function Reference/wpautop, formatting.php source code

Small Can Be Big

Why Small Can Be Big is a new way to help based on a simple premise: give everyone a more direct, more personal, more local and more shared way to help those in need, and big things can happen.

In a single year, it costs the Commonwealth of Massachusetts $47,000 to provide shelter for one homeless family. For a fraction of that cost – around a thousand or so – donors at can join together to keep a family from ever becoming homeless in the first place.