Why is there a box cutter on my desk?

I love books, I respect what goes into a quality print publication. I didn’t want to do it. but I had to.

Yesterday I took a box cutter to page 175 of Art Kleiner’s terrific book, The Age of Heretics: A History of the Radical Thinkers Who Reinvented Corporate Management (amzn). The figure, Fluctuations in a Production-Distribution Cycle in the section on Forrester was slated to appear in the MIT SMR article, Jay Forrester’s Shock to the System. Out came razor, and the the page. Into the scanner and Photoshop it went.

Here’s hoping that Jimmy’s not too upset when he returns from TED.

Cut / Paste


2 thoughts on “Why is there a box cutter on my desk?

  1. Ow! Wasn’t there any other solution? I’m sure they have those raised edge scanners in the library that don’t damage bindings and would have allowed a perfectly acceptable image scan. The librarian in me bleeds for that book. :-)

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