Reading List – 2009 (February)

Title, (Author Last Name, Date of Publication) – Date Completed

  1. The Way of the World: A Story of Truth and Hope in an Age of Extremism, (Suskind 2008) – 2/7/2009
  2. The Stuff of Thought: Language as a Window into Human Nature (Pinker 2007) – 2/22/2009
  3. Tribes (Godin 2008) 2/23/2009
  4. The elephant, the tiger, and the cellphone: reflections on India, the emerging 21st century power (Tharoor 2007) – 2/28/2009
  5. The Encore Effect: how to achieve remarkable performance in anything you do (Sanborn 2008) – 2/28/2009
  6. The Other (Kapuściński 2008) – 2/28/2009

Page count for February: 1,697 (60.61/day)

The list of books read in 2008 struggled its way to 66, I’m aiming for 100 in 2009. That Stephen Pinker book did me in this month, 634 end notes; took me 2 weeks to ingest it all.

2009 totals: 12 books, 3,614 pages, 61.25/day, on pace for 72 books, behind: 4 2/3 books. (If I’m seriously considering reading Don Quiotxe, I’m in big trouble on the 100 books front….)

(And yes, I did a power surge yesterday to finish the month with > 3 books so it wouldn’t look too lame.)

Updated: Forgot I read Seth Godin’s “Tribes”

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