Explaining Twitter (or trying to, at least)

Every few weeks at work we have an editor’s brown-bag lunch to share information, leads, story ideas and sometimes a technical skills-share. A while back I gave a presentation on RSS, how publishers are using it and how we might get started with it (both publish and subscribe-side).
Today I had the unenviable task of explaining Twitter to a group of people who have heard of it, but haven’t used it. I’m sure many people have had similar experiences, and I hope my experience is not universal; I still have a hard time explaining Twitter….
I did provide printouts of content developed by a number of people, hopefully they’ll get read…

Sharing the links I used as sources here:

Mashable Articles:

And one I should have included, but didn’t, David Fisher’sTwitter at Work

I also showed examples of Twitter.com / search.twitter.com, Twitterrific, TweetDeck, Summizer, CoTweet, McKinsey Quarterly’s #web2.0work email campaign, and some of my favorite Tweets….

If you missed it, yesterday Tim O’Reilly Tweeted a discount code for the November 2008 O’Reilly Radar Report, “Twitter and the Micro-Messaging Revolution: Communication, Connections, and Immediacy—140 Characters at a Time”

A Twitter-only deal for those still figuring it out–our Twitter for Business report only $24.75. Use code NEWBIE at http://bit.ly/YQxj3

This presentation was very informal and not an attempt to sell Twitter to anyone. If you’re trying to sell Twitter to your boss, but the Radar report and ask them to read it (or base your meeting on it), the $25 is well worth it.

Update (3/30/09 ): Michael Durwin recommends Common Craft’sTwitter in Plain English” video:


2 thoughts on “Explaining Twitter (or trying to, at least)

  1. Hi Sean, thanks for using me as a resource, I hope it helped. Personally, I’d suggest making them watch the Common Craft Twitter video. Those cats can explain anything!

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