Articles on Mentors and Proteges

Mentors and Protégés: Three articles from Executive Adviser, a MIT Sloan Management Review / Wall Street Journal joint collaboration. (Formerly known as “Business Insight”)

  1. A New Approach to Mentoring – The Situation: The traditional mentoring arrangement just doesn’t work; people should create and cultivate developmental networks instead—small groups of people who provide regular advice and support. By Kathy E. Kram and Monica C. Higgins, September 22, 2008
  2. How to Be a Smart Protégé – How do you create a “developmental network?” The authors detail e ight tips for setting up a network of mentors. By Dawn E. Chandler, Douglas T. Hall and Kathy E. Kramm, August 17, 2009
  3. When Mentoring Goes Bad – A look at some of the ways mentoring relationships go awry, followed by advice on how mentors, protégés and companies can spot warning signs sooner and create more positive experiences. By Dawn E. Chandler and Lillian Eby, May 24, 2010