How to block pamripley on Twitter

I recently saw some accounts on Twitter basically spamming people via the @reply mechanism. Here’s an example:

(Note the #FF – Follow Friday – love)

It’s a bit of an annoyance, nothing more. Someone wanting to gain followers by showing the fake #FF love and promoting a link to site. If you manage multiple accounts and try and keep on track of @replies this can irritating especially because this person in particular keeps sending similar messages to the same people.

If you’re tracking the number of @replies as a measure of engagement (as I do for work), it starts to get old, starts feeling like spam.

To stop it, use the Twitter website, click on “Find People” in the top nav, search for the Twitter username that’s annoying you (e.g. “pamripley”). Click on the icon with the gear under “actions.” Now you have a choice; if you personally think the user is spamming you, select “Report [username] for spam,” if you’re merely annoyed and don’t consider it spam, select “Block [username].”

Update #1: In the iPhone Twitter app (formerly Tweetie), go to the user’s detail page, the block/spam options are (hidden?) under the more option at the bottom of the page (scroll down). From there you can block the user from all linked Twitter accounts.

Update #2: Helpful tip from a colleague: ‘On desktop apps such as TweetDeck you may also select the “other actions” option that appears when you mouse over a user’s picture and “block & report spam.”‘


One thought on “How to block pamripley on Twitter

  1. Hi Sean,

    I’ve seen this one too many times. Another spam tactic is for a user to list a number of twitter handles with their message of thanks for including them in a tweet. Of course you have never included them in a tweet much less a breath.

    Last but not least the @mention with no text just a link- that gets an automatic spam-block.


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