Search: what NFL games are on TV tomorrow?

An example of the challenge in current search vs natural language processing:

What football games are on tomorrow?

I want to know: NFL vs soccer; TV schedule and channels; tomorrow is 10/30/2011; I am in PDT and would like to know TV listings in my local time; sorting by favorite team and/or team nearest to my current location.

Tested on G and bing. Bing result included a Yahoo answers result in top 5 that had the right answer, but: I just wanted the answer, not a list of search results; the ‘answer’ was crowdsourced/turked; the resulting web page will be out of date for the ‘tomorrow’ question in < 12 hrs.

Could Siri do this? Can IBM'd Watson do it.

What if this is possible via a new answer engine? What happens to billions of value in b-models that are search and search-results dependent?


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