Point Reyes – Bear Valley Trailhead – horse, sky, coastal, bear valley trail loop

14 mile loop. Moderate. Horse trail is a pleasant ascent, less steep than the others options from upper BVT.

access horse trail by going right before the main BVT trail head, after the barns there is a singed junction and turn left



horse trail is a moderate upsloped trail with 80% cover and some nice views to the east


Nicassio resevoir to the east


200′ foot tree above this. roots popped through the rock and exposed the strata


Sky Trail, first look at damage form the Vision Fire (20 years ago)


Vision Fire recovery


Sky Trail east of Old Pine the teail starts to get a bit over grown


Sky Trail was quite overgrown in some place farthe east


approaching the coastal decscent the fog was still coming through around 1:30pm


Ah, the majestic Pacific ocean. (view improves at lower elevation)


changes to coastal scrub


wacky tree


also wacky


first glimpse of the coast looking north-ish


about 1/2 hour to get down to coastal trail


Point Reyes is a big place. I’m sort of in the middle looking towards the norther portion (light house would be beyond this view)


on coastal trail looking down at bear valley trail. the spur trail to arch rick is closed. there was a big collapse earlier this year and its closed indefinitely. take a right and go north west on Coastal trail instead. in a short while (0.5 mile?) you can go down to Kellhambeach


Bear Valley Trailis not my kind of trail but you kinda have to deal with if if you want to day trip in this section (unless your day trips are 20+ milers)


typical BVT view.


there arw plenty of pretty things on BVT, but it gets crowded and is basically a hravle road. fairly flat with one easy up/down over the divide meadow




pretty view somewhere in the final 2 miles to TH. 14+ miles in 4:15. 10:30am start. before BVT i passed maybe 12 people in 10 miles. Sky Traill, try it for the solitude.



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