Point Reyes – Five Brooks Trailhead – Olema Valley, Texiera, Ridge, Bolinas (intended)

There is a downed tree and some sketchy “don’t hike here” obstructions on Texeira Trail  that made me turn around and do an out and back.

This was a weird one. About 6 miles in I came to a downed tree blocking the entire trail; scramble through bramble and get around and then encounter logs and branches pulled across the path a very regular intervals. The kind you see trying to block an unofficial trail. 

They start at least 3/4 of a mile from the next junction to the west. That’s unusual. NPS would not have done that. 

Started thinking maybe it’s local hikers or equestrians pissed at mountain bikers, but realized there aren’t connecting bike trails.

After a while, I got spooked, thinking maybe there’s an illegal grow operation in the area (plenty of water near by, harvest time in 1-2 months), haven’t passed anyone in 2.5 hours … So, I turned around an went back the way I came. 

In 4.5 hours, 2 equestrians on Olema Valley trail at 8 miles, a few others near trail head. Very remote feel.


5.2 miles from TH to Texiera


begins a little overgrown. toull be glad you wore long pants for this trail


old road bed. coimb starts 1/2 mile in after bridge.


begining is largely lush, was wet at 10:30am this morning


as the trail closes in those wet grasses start brushing against you


first meadow


a bit rainforrest-y


fog still rolling in around 11:30 am


sandy soil, no one around


trail starts to fade away


glad i wore the gaiters as i was getting quite wet


olema valley trail features several segments of hiking through tall grasses mixed with wooded climbs


these pretty orchid-like flowers caught my eye


this is the trail. it is easy to stay in it, but it doesnt appear that way at first glance


water crossing was easy in early July




fallen tree blocking Texiera



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