Sierra National Forest – John Muir Wilderness

left home Thursday at 5:30, Madera by 9:30. Left Madera at 9:30, made it to end of Kaiser pass road around 1pm. Passed 8 cars, no backing up required. note that it was in the season and earlier than the 1st day of hunting season.

set up at double site #27 with the giant, sloped granite slab wall backing us. (great for star gazing).

granite slab wall behind campsite.

campsite had potable water and garbage / recycling. pit toilets, no sinks (wash up at your campsite)

hike #1 – Florence Lake to crater lake and beyond

at Dutch lake

typical trail section

for M

crater lake, john muir wilderness

cross country to hidden lake

hidden lake. talked with some hunters/backpackers

finding dutch lake from hidden lake was east, finding the trail back to florence, not so much


trail on the return with great views. watch your step, trekiin poles are a good idea here

Florence lake on the return. the return was so hard i doubted that i had actually hiked up this sucker

day two hike – hooper diversion road allnd the creek from florence lake

grazing meadow just after river crossing (boots and socks off on eay in and boots on going out since it was last hike of trip

cool zipline over river for people and toold

day 2 walk in campground through wild life are and jackass meadow

see the deer?

see it now?

jackass meadow at dusk