Taylor Mountain – Petaluma Hill Rd. Trailhead – 7/4

Quick morning hike before the July 4th festivities. Third time since opening day. The new Red Tail trail to the existing Western route makes for a fast entry to Taylor Mountain, especially if you are coming from the South.

Having worked many volunteer days helping to build this, I’m especially happy to see how popular it is already.  

worked several days heping the Sonoma County Trails Council build this new trail. More trails coming to Taylor Park, ~15 miles of new trails in the master plan IIRC


Quick climb and you’re looking down to the valley in < 5 mins


a lot of rock work was fone by hand on this trail mostly unseen — as it should be, right?


it’s about 1/2 mile from the TH to the Western Route. turning right loops down to the far end of the parking lot.


like the beginignof the Western Route (from Kawana Springs TH), this trail is largley shaded by oaks


a rock drain that i did a lot of work on 3-4 feet deep, moved most if the larger rocks you see by hand usimg a canvas sling and 3-4 people


long stretch of a very difficult section to build.


cattle gate. cows have always liked this section, they’re very used to hikers, move on by quietly and they are not bother




cows, Mount St. Helena in the distance


i take a picture of this tree each time i pass


making a right onto western going uphill


the ranch road on the right goes right up the face. skip it, its too steep and not meant for hiking. take the switchbacks that cross it instead. you’ll get to the top about the same time and get some extra steps in


view of Mt St Helena


on my way down, i passed this Dad and Son heading up a bit of trail I helped build😀



Point Reyes – Bear Valley Trailhead – horse, sky, coastal, bear valley trail loop

14 mile loop. Moderate. Horse trail is a pleasant ascent, less steep than the others options from upper BVT.

access horse trail by going right before the main BVT trail head, after the barns there is a singed junction and turn left



horse trail is a moderate upsloped trail with 80% cover and some nice views to the east


Nicassio resevoir to the east


200′ foot tree above this. roots popped through the rock and exposed the strata


Sky Trail, first look at damage form the Vision Fire (20 years ago)


Vision Fire recovery


Sky Trail east of Old Pine the teail starts to get a bit over grown


Sky Trail was quite overgrown in some place farthe east


approaching the coastal decscent the fog was still coming through around 1:30pm


Ah, the majestic Pacific ocean. (view improves at lower elevation)


changes to coastal scrub


wacky tree


also wacky


first glimpse of the coast looking north-ish


about 1/2 hour to get down to coastal trail


Point Reyes is a big place. I’m sort of in the middle looking towards the norther portion (light house would be beyond this view)


on coastal trail looking down at bear valley trail. the spur trail to arch rick is closed. there was a big collapse earlier this year and its closed indefinitely. take a right and go north west on Coastal trail instead. in a short while (0.5 mile?) you can go down to Kellhambeach


Bear Valley Trailis not my kind of trail but you kinda have to deal with if if you want to day trip in this section (unless your day trips are 20+ milers)


typical BVT view.


there arw plenty of pretty things on BVT, but it gets crowded and is basically a hravle road. fairly flat with one easy up/down over the divide meadow




pretty view somewhere in the final 2 miles to TH. 14+ miles in 4:15. 10:30am start. before BVT i passed maybe 12 people in 10 miles. Sky Traill, try it for the solitude.


Point Reyes – Mt. Wittenberg to Meadow

 Mt. Wittenberg isn’t really all that much steeper than Old Pine or Meadow (coming from BVT heading to Sky Tr.) it’s not as scenic as Old Pine and there really isn’t a view. Worth it to get the peak, but Old Pine is nicer and Horse trail is more moderate of an ascent.

you get a few glimpse back East toward Olema


near the top (first signed junction) there’s an unsigned trail to the west that short cuts Z Traill and comes out at Sky and Z trail. on a clear day, the view from here would be nice




Point Reyes – Bear Valley TH – Middle Loop

Bear Valley Trail to old Pine Trail to Sky Trail to Meadow Trail return to trailhead. I was going to do the coastal Trail but I couldn’t bear the traffic on Bear Valley. Instead I did a Middle Loop.

view from TH looking east

Bear Valley Trail. The portion I did was a wide crushed gravel road and very crowded.


After two earlier chances to escape the main BVT, I had to take another option. after a few minites of quiet, overgrown single track I found myself more at home on the Old Pine Trail.


saw a few of these lovlies along the way. anyone know the name?


beautiful mist and a few sprinkles. amazing difference 40 mins west of home.


the filtered light was amazing. the humidity was fogging up my glasses pretty good though.


the old pines


pt reyes if worth the trip even when it’s fogged in


green , almost boggy


meadow trail’s meadow. soil completly different here 1/2 mile from old pine trail.


Some recent hikes

Here are some pictures from hikes since Lassen. All east Sonoma county. There were also some at Taylor Moubtain. 58 for the year so far.

Annadel SP – View towards Santa Rosa from the Rough Go or Cobblestone Trail. I didn’t filter this, my iPhone decided to make it like a watercolor.


Post hike wine pickup at Matanzas Creek.IMG_3892.JPG

Acorn stash encountered while doing trail work on the East Slope of Sonoma Mountain.IMG_3906.JPG

Madrone on the new  (not yet open) East Slope Ridge Trail on Sonoma MountainIMG_3923.JPG

Trail ride in Jack London via Triple Creek Outfitters


View from East Slope Ridge Trail. Soon to be part of Jack London SPIMG_3924.JPG

Red Barn Trail, Sugar Loaf SP. View back toward Mt. Tam. Could see SF and Mount Hamilton today.IMG_3974.JPG

Arboreal Salamander(?) – Annadel SP, South Burma Tr.IMG_3966.JPG

South Burma Trail, Annadel SPIMG_3953.JPG

Red Barn, Sugar Loaf SPIMG_3976.JPGFormer house(?) at Red Barn site. Sugarloaf SP