JavaScript disabled more in corporate environments?

Randomly, I checked three sites that I oversee. Each had approximately the same amount of traffic over the past 2 years (1.2M, 1.6M and 1.65M page views). One site is general information for students, faculty, staff and parents of a large university, one is a streaming video site of lectures and talks given at same university, and one is a business journal’s e-commerce site.

I was checking to see what the percentage of users of these sites had JavaScript disabled. The first two had what I expected base don the last time I remembered checking. Right around 2% of visitors had JS disabled. The business journal however was 9.2%, a very significant deviation.

In addition to academics, the business journal is frequented often by Fortune 500 types and management & business consultants.

Are suits more likely to be using web browsers with JavaScript disabled?

What impact does this have on all that Ajax stuff going around?
Updated July 27, 2008: In the last calendar year, the same business journal site’s JavaScript statistics: Enabled: 69.9%; Unknown: 29.2%; Disabled: 0.9%. Another report in the same analytics package lists: 65.6% JavaScript version 1.3; 27.7% No Javascript; 6.6% JavaScript 1.2; 0% Javascript 1.1. Based on 2M page views in the year.